boca's site



hi, I am boca and this is my site.
I am not very good at stuff like creating website (tbf i am not really good at anything and this is my first ever site) but I decided to give it a try because it seemed fun :p

my shit

i use a thinkpad t430 which was 1vyrained (freebsd) and a pc built on a chinese salvage motherboard (windows 10)
for gaming other than my laptop and pc i use a homebrewed 2ds (a real chad handheld console)

loptop 2ds

PC SPECS: xeon e5 1650 v2, 16gb 1866mhz ecc ddr3 ram, gtx 1060 6gb, 256gb m2 SSD, 180gb HDD, 1tb HDD

things i like (me 2: electric boogalo)

I would say I am a pretty simple person, I like: open source, linux, chess, 2hu, music (i love 70s rock)
(told you I am pretty simple)
my favourite 2hu is patchy



if for whatever reason you want to talk to me these are my contacts: